Δευτέρα, 6 Ιουλίου 2015

Social Media and you


The new generation is called generation Z and are digital natives. Children today seem to be born with a remote planted in their heads and a keyboard installed as an extension to their fingers!
Watch this video and read this text about social media.
Then do the quiz to see how much you've understood.
You can read the text as many times as you want to get all answers right!
Then write a comment on how YOU are involved with social media. How do you think they can affect the lives of people who are involved?

Before you answer, why not take a look at this fab commercial?

Today we sang along this award-winning song. 

If I _____ a magician, I'd know all about you...from your socila media profile!
Rememeber the conditionals! Take a look and revise them here

Πέμπτη, 2 Ιουλίου 2015

What's in a job?

What's the most important thing in a job for you?

work conditions
human relationships

Check out this video of the most unusual jobs in the world

How good are you at spotting unusal occupations?
Take this quiz to find out!

Write a paragraph describing a typical day of the most unusual way to make a living 

Interview a classmate on his/her unusual job. Report to the class and decide all together what the job was.


Write a story starting with "As soon as I entered the room I knew someting unusual was going to happen."

Τετάρτη, 1 Ιουλίου 2015

Our solar system

Do you know the planets of our Solar System?
What info do you know about it?

______________the sun looks small from the Earth, it is actually the largest object in our solar system!
What word can you use to fill in the gap?

Let's practice linking words here.

Now create your own presenations of a planet of your choice using PhotoPeach or PREZI

Τρίτη, 30 Ιουνίου 2015

Earth, the cradle of life

So, has Passive Voice been well practiced?
Let's practice and see a few more points here.

How about some fun singing?

What message does M.J want to convey by this song?
So what do we do with our Home?
How much do we look after it?

...and how about our co-habitants on this jewel of the universe?

How willing are YOU to act and reduce your ecological footprint?
First, let's found out how significant it is by doing this quiz 
Discuss in groups
What's your role in this? What do you, your family, your school and your country already do to save our planet?
What commitments are you willing to make?
Write an essay in the canvas explaining what is the ecological footprint and what measures a family or a person can take to reduce its footprint.

Τετάρτη, 24 Ιουνίου 2015

Freshman, sophome and more!

Have you practised your tenses?
Well, here's how you can use what you know in the exams. Follow this link to check yourself with transformation exercises.

Today we go on talking about education. How different are educational systems around the world and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each way of learning?
Let's take a look at an Infografic of the Finn Educational System first:

Please Include Attribution to OnlineClasses.org With This Graphic Finnish Education Infographic

Every one will look up for information about a different country and fill in the form here
so that we can then discuss the pros and cons of each system. 

Ok, time to play around with PASSIVE.
Here's a tutorial to help you revise. Stop if it gets too fast and watch agai.
Now, practice here, here, here and here

Of course, we never stop having fun! Watch this video and guess what happened.
You can share with us by posting a comment on your canvas.

Τρίτη, 23 Ιουνίου 2015

Making the mark

Imagine a school...

Where kids have freedom to be themselves...Where success is not defined by academic achievement but by the child's own definition of success...Where the whole school deals democratically with issues, with each individual having an equal right to be heard...Where you can play all day if you want to...And there is time and space to sit and dream......could there be such a school?YES, and it's called SummerhillHere's a video of the students talking about their school. 

You can watch a really touching movie on Summerhill here

Be creative:
Now, let's use our imagination a little more...Imagine you've just finished Summerhill and your friend is about to start. He's asked you for some information on what to expect at  school and advice on classes, school rules and so on. Respond to him through an email that you will post as a comment here,. 
The email needs to include: 
- the new vocabulary
- an overview of what we have learnt on Summerhill
-your personal recommendations 

So, how long have you been studying English?
How would you assess your performance with tenses?
Check yourself here

You can review the TENSES by looking at this page
First study the tutorials and the do the activities for the tenses you feel you need to revise
so that you're ready for the class review in our next lesson.

Now let's sing!

Travel broadens the mind

So, guys and gals. Here's the big surprise of our first class: 
Our course has a unique NOVELTY: no books! Just the net, this blog and specially designed material by our teacher, Mrs Effie Kyriklakis.

IN our first lesson we found a common interest:
Travelling is a pssion for veryone in our team, so
today we'll talk about travelling and getting to know the world.
Let's look at different kinds of exploration one can do here.

Language points
Talking about travelling, we get to use a gerund.
How much do you remember about Gerunds and Infinitives?
Well, here's a YouTube tutorial to watch.
After that do activities 3,4, 13,15 here.

 ...and the change goes on!
Even assignments are completely different: 
First, look at the holiday pictures/videos and read abut them on Pinterest.
Then, find photos (on Pinterest or Google) of  YOUR favourite way to explore the world and chose   
- create a board on Pinterest
- create a photopeach presentation

Write a comment of 100words in this post about your favourite holiday destination USING the VOCABULARY we've seen in class.

Also, be prepared to present a 5min talk about where you would like to travel and why USING the VOCABULARY we've seen in class.
Fun, eh? Can't wait to see your posts, everyone!!!

Your presentations will be published here
London on PhotoPeach by Dimitra A Rome on PhotoPeach by Rafael Holidays in the jungle on PhotoPeach by Matina Paros on PhotoPeach by Vasia

Serious summer...fun!

Hi everyone. We are a team of 3 girls and 1 boy who excelled in our B1 course and as a result we've been rewarded with a shorter B2 course, taking us from B1 to B2 level in just 11 months. This is our summer class blog. We  pledge we are going to have serious... fun, learning and living the language through technology at the same time!
Our LEARNING AIM for this course is
- to consolidate the most important language points
- expand our vocabulary and
- hone our speaking, reading, writing and listening skills thus becoing more independent users of the language (Dimitra)
- learn how to integrate technology in our learning (Rafael)
- to be able to communicate with influence (Matina)
- to have a new learning experience (Vasia)

We're going to give our 100% to learning...fun!

The most important aspect of success in to know one's own strengths and weaknesses well!
It's what our ancestors wisely called "γνώθι σ'αυτόν"!

So, how many ways are there for someone to be intelligent?
Strange question?
Well, check out this page to find out how modern research proves what you probably already know about yourselves!

How are YOU smart, do you reckon?
Take the test in that same page and save the code generated in the results page.
We'll need it to compare our class results!

Being creative:
In this class we'll be learning with and from each other!
To be able to be easily in touch, let's create (if you do not already have one)
-a gmail account
-a Google+ account
-a pinterest account
-a canvas
-a skype account

Send a quick greeting email/skype message to share your email with the class!